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Serve-over counter

Back side of serve over counter 

Glass sliding door freezer
Glass sliding door freezer
Display cabinet

Custom-made cabinet for fish, meat, delicatessen products

Display cabinet

Display cabinet with glass shelves for pastry products


Serve-over display counter for meat, cheese and delicatessen products

Display counter

Serve-over display counter for meat, delicatessen and cheese

cold room
Cold rooms in all dimensions
Wall sited and Island cabinets

Wall sited and Island cabinets for all types of fresh products.

Plug-in cabinets for dairy and delicatessen products, drinks and frozen food.
Frozen food cabinets

Island and vertical cabinets for frozen food.

Refrigeration Equipment

Multi-compressor set systems for plus and minus range with integrated control panel. Air-cooled condensers.


Multidecks for dairy products, delicatessen, fresh meat and fruits & vegetables.


Serve-over counter for cheese & delicatessen,available as warmer for pizzas and food.

Wine cabinet
Wine wooden glass door cabinet
S/steel counte
Pizza preparation counter

Wine cooler display

Wine Cabinets

Wooden 2-door upright display for wines.

Wine Cabinets
Wooden 2-door Upright display
Upright Cabinets

Upright 2-door s/steel cabinets


2-door stainless steel counter

Chest freezers
Freezers for all kinds of frozen food
Serve-over counter display

Serve-over counter display for cold drinks, warm food, cold food and salads.


Display refrigerator for pastry products.

Display cabinet for fresh food with glass shelves

Display cabinet
Glass sliding door cabinet
Display cabinet
Glass display with sliding doors

Ice cream

Display cabinet for ice cream

Small display for salads, sandwiches & pastry

2-door upright pastry display cabinet
Ice-cream display cabinet

Ice cream display cabinet

Display cabinet for frozen pastry & ice cream

Upright display cabinet for pastry & ice-cream

Upright rotating display cabinet for pastry

2-door upright display cabinet for ice-cream and pastry

Self-service for bread

Small display top-counter for pastry & sandwiches

Small display for pastry & sandwiches

Display cabinet for ice-cream & pastry

2-door wooden display for pastry

Wooden rotating display for pastry

2-door display for ice cream & frozen pastry

Display cabinet with glass shelves for pastry

Upright glass display for pastry

Top-counter display for pastry & sandwiches 

Top-counter display cabinet with sliding doors

Heated showcase for pastries

Display cabinet for pastry

Upright display cabinet for pastry

Display cabinet for pastry

Display cabinet for pastry

Display cabinet for pastry

Pastry display serve-over cabinet
Confectionery shop

S/steel double drawer

S/steel warm containers

S/steel waste container

S/steel doors and drawers

Double s/steel drawers
Double s/steel doors
Lids for containers
Lids for containers

Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Non-food and cosmetics

Non-food and Cosmetics