Confectionary, Bakery & Ice cream

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Ice cream

Display cabinet for ice cream

Small display for salads, sandwiches & pastry

2-door upright pastry display cabinet
Ice-cream display cabinet

Ice cream display cabinet

Display cabinet for frozen pastry & ice cream

Upright display cabinet for pastry & ice-cream

Upright rotating display cabinet for pastry

2-door upright display cabinet for ice-cream and pastry

Self-service for bread

Small display top-counter for pastry & sandwiches

Small display for pastry & sandwiches

Display cabinet for ice-cream & pastry

2-door wooden display for pastry

Wooden rotating display for pastry

2-door display for ice cream & frozen pastry

Display cabinet with glass shelves for pastry

Upright glass display for pastry

Top-counter display for pastry & sandwiches 

Top-counter display cabinet with sliding doors

Heated showcase for pastries

Display cabinet for pastry

Upright display cabinet for pastry

Display cabinet for pastry

Display cabinet for pastry

Display cabinet for pastry

Pastry display serve-over cabinet
Confectionery shop